We are listening, we are learning, and we stand in solidarity

As the reality of systemic racism unfolds, specifically targeting African Americans in our neighbouring country of the United States of America, we must acknowledge that this is a fundamental human rights issue not limited to the borders of any one jurisdiction, community, or country.

Social unrest, as uncomfortable as it is to experience, provides a lens of clarity that offers a line of sight to the roles that race, ethnicity, gender and poverty have on equality and equity in our larger social systems.

These issues transcend beyond the legal system; they significantly impact the health system our Foundation is devoted to supporting as well.

Race, ethnicity, income, and gender can and do shape social determinants of health. They influence how individuals access the health system and, ultimately, their ability to live a healthy life. In an equitable society, the distribution of society’s benefits, including those of health, are not skewed by race, income, or gender.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, in its mission to support excellence in care for all Albertans, strives for equity and equality and supports the continued call for justice and fairness in all social systems.

We are a proud supporter of the Royal Alex and all its patients and its staff who are directly or indirectly affected by these recent events.

We are listening, we are learning, and we stand in solidarity with those who continue to be affected by structural racism in our community and beyond.

Sharlene Signature
Sharlene Rutherford
President & CEO
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation