The Steering Committee is the overall coordinating authority of the Lois Hole Women’s Society and is the reporting body on behalf of the women’s society to staff leadership and the board of directors of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. 


Krista Ference
Melanie Nakatsui

Executive Members

Olivia Butti
Lisa Diamond
Liza Wold
Bhupinder Lalh
Robyn Meara
Janine Robin
Mena Thephasouvanh
Fay Yamada
Courtney Rozendaal
Christine Ambrozic
Crystal Jacob
Laura Fitzgerald
Rhiannon Adams
Toni Hueston
Vanessa Lancaster
Jenny Adams 

Foundation Staff Partner

Paula Woodman


Our Sub-Committees

Events Sub-Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to encourage fundraising events within the Edmonton and area community that will generate revenue (donations) for the Lois Hole Hospital for Women.

Lisa Diamond (Chair)
Christine Ambrozic
Andrea Ferguson
Fay Yamada
Mena Thephasouvanh

Community Engagement and Partnerships Sub-Committee

The primary responsibility of this committee is to encourage community and corporate relationships that advance the mission of the Women’s Society and which are seen as beneficial to the participating partner.

Toni Hueston (Co-Chair)
Laura Fitzgerald (Co-Chair)
Sholeh Drackett
Tamara Kulyk
Carmen Leibel
Tamara Cole-Sieben
Vickie Burgess
Jessica Culo

Communications Sub-Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to provide strategic direction in the alignment of the communications efforts of the Steering Committee with the vision and mission of the Women’ Society. 

Bhupinder Lalh (Chair)
Diana Campbell
Jamie Klassen
Becky McIntyre
Lindsay Pearl

Development Sub-Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to encourage monthly supporters of the Women’s Society to activate the participation and leadership of the community in advancing the objectives of the Society.

Courtney Rozendaal (Chair)
Olivia Butti
Crystal Jacob
Vanessa Lancaster
Rhiannon Adams
Briana Botsford


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