Lois Hole Hospital for Women

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women provides expert patient care for women of all ages and in all stages of life. The Lois Hole Hospital for Women offers comprehensive, high-risk obstetrical and maternal care and provides surgical treatment of ovarian, cervical and other gynecological cancers.

We are a Canadian leader in new treatments for urogynecologic and pelvic floor disorders and we are proud to place a special focus on the needs of maturing women. The Lois Hole Hospital also provides clinical-based, innovative research in mental health that is setting new standards in the treatment and care of women with anxiety and depression.

My hope is that when people come to this new hospital and see my name they are going to have a little extra hope-that real uplifting hope-that things will turn out okay.

- Lois Hole

The hospital serves as the centre of excellence for women's health in Canada's northwest and strives to meet the growing demands for women’s health services in central and northern Alberta. 

Having a dedicated women's hospital is not only unique, it's incredibly valuable for research.

What do we mean by "women"?

We acknowledge that sex relates to the physical and biological features of a person at the time of birth, whereas gender is a multidimensional concept influenced by factors including cultural and behavioural norms, and self-identity. As this concept is affected by ongoing societal change, gender is constantly evolving.

We follow our partners in using the term “women” to refer to all people who identify as women.

Similarly, we use trans and non-binary as umbrella terms to refer to people with a wide range of gender identities that are different from the gender they were assigned at birth.

This is a living definition and we welcome feedback and discussion.


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