Between Us: An Interactive Talk on Painful Sex

On May 30th, the Women’s Society hosted one of the final sessions of the 2024 Between Us Season.

We had the privilege of being joined by four expert physicians practicing at the Urogynecology Wellness Clinic at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women to discuss painful sex and possible health-related conditions: Dr. Annick Poirier, Dr. Lana Myroniuk, Dr. Erin Kelly, and Dr. May Sanaee.

Together, they hosted a special panel discussion focusing on asking and answering questions, and covered some very common causes of pain associated with sex such as:

  • Pain associated with menopause changes
  • Pain associated with disease of the clitoris
  • Pain associated with trauma

As many as 75% of women will experience pain during sex at some point in their lives, yet this remains a taboo topic to discuss for many people. The lack of available knowledge and discussion has led to many myths, mysteries, and misconceptions around what you need to know to better manage your experience with sex. 

May's Between Us session taught our session attendees about these common misconceptions and facts, and provided answers on some of their most pressing concerns that may not have information readily available. Together, a greater understanding of the causes and concerns around painful sex was shared, empowering all who attended with knowledge to help them in the own lives.

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Knowledge is power!

Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Alberta Blue Cross for making this lecture possible.

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